My Raspberry Pi Robot

My Robot Car with a Storm Trooper

It has been a long time since my last post. Part of my spare time was devoted to Andre Agassi, one of the greatest tennis players in the world. I have witnessed him transformed from an insecure person into a grown-up and was amazed by how open he is when describing point-to-point details in his book. The rest of my leisure time was given to the self-driving car course on Udacity and building my Raspberry Pi robot car.

I finished the first half of the course a while ago and was thrilling to see how robot can find where it is by driving around, which is a process called Localization. I was tempted to try this on my own robot car and let itself navigate through my bedroom, the living room and probably my roommates' rooms, perhaps live streaming what they are doing in their little rooms. 

To achieve this, I figured out:

  • First, I need to assemble a car myself and be able to drive it around
  • Mount sensors and a camera on the car so that it can take inputs from the environment.
  • Build a simulation on my computer to test out the self-driving algorithm
  • Program the car according to the algorithm

The car has been assembled and controlled from any browser in the same WiFi area. The details of how to make a Raspberry Pi robot can be easily found on Instructables, but I am happy to share my experience with you in my next post.

I also developed a small simulation on Localization algorithm using pygame. An introduction of the algorithm and the simulator I made will be covered in a separate post. Essentially, it accomplished the task illustrated in the following video.