Why Blogging

Writing the first blog post is difficult.

I can think of plenty of reasons not to write a single word on this page. I would rather watch a set of tennis matches or just have some sleep than scratch my head to organise my thoughts. I may also be afraid that my blog will suck and people do not bother paying a visit to my site. I may also fear that presenting my random thoughts to the public will make them wondering where this kid come from and how immature his ideas are. I am terrified when judged by others, especially those I am looking up to.

I always wanted to keep a diary when I was young but never took a step forward. When I grew up and knew some coding, I started to think about building my own website and writing down my random thoughts. I didn't make up my mind until reading this article about blogging which disputes all the excuses above. 

Too busy to...

Writing a paragraph seems time consuming, especially for me. I didn't like writing in my school days and I had to think for a while before putting any word on my paper. However, one can save work by blogging. Blog posts are like documentation of one's memory. I can free up my mind by saving some of my memory on a permanent place and I can just retrieve it at any time I want. These posts are precious materials when I am getting old and want to write about myself. I have a dream of publishing at least a book in my entire life whether it is an autobiography or some life lessons. Writing blogs will make me closer to my dream by polishing my writing skills and collecting materials.

Blog also serves as an online profile for a person. I won't have to spend lots of time introducing myself to others but just point them to my websites instead. I can save a fair amount of energy without repeating the same introduction to different people and others can also have an thorough and deep understanding of me. 

Nobody cares...

Blogging is to present ideas and personal thoughts to the public and if no one cares about it, it seems to lose the purposes of writing. However, if thinking the other way around, blogging is for self retrospection, a developer's diary. It allows me to extract important memories and refine them in a concise way for future reference. The lessons learnt from those recorded experiences may be applicable to the problems encountered later and may help those people going through similar obstacles. By developing my own sites for blogging, I have the full flexibility of exposing the right articles to the right people and invited friends can also publish their own master pieces on this humble website. We will keep writing even if nobody cares about it because it is us who will discover the treasure when looking back and reading through these memories. 

Our memories define who we are. 

One can alter his appearance, his voice or even his biometrics but his loved ones can still recognise him through shared memories. Blogging is one of the ways to place those memories.

Fear of judgement...

I feel bad when letting people down and fall into the hell of criticizing my own faults, thinking over whatifs. I can't please everyone and nobody can. I just need to publish things that I think is valuable. Some people may appreciate and some people don't. It's fine. Just move on. Things will happen naturally. Some people may find those articles helpful and bring his or her friends here who shared similar views. They may also bring in more new friends and a community starts to build up sharing similar views to the world. There is nothing to fear and just be myself. Getting rid of the fear will ultimately free the mind and that's when great ideas emerge.